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Architecture school required tons of studio time but when I wasn't parked in front of wads of yellow trace I'd be found behind my camera. For five years I worked for Andrews University's Public Relations Department and managed a team of photographers for the last three. Those were the days of E6 and my Minolta 9000 was the only one on campus.

Today, I still leverage some of the same glass but in the digital realm. Weddings & events, architecture, travel, both corporate and fashion, headshots, portraits and beauty.

After years of exploring multi-image compositions in the pre-digital age I began investing in equipment to create wider views both to enhance the "thereness" of certain images and to provide more detail. These include ultra-high resolution standard images as well as fully immersive 360 degree environments. The Philadelphia Museum of Art and Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program are two of the larger organizations we've worked with on these projects - capturing nuances that could not be otherwise achieved.

headshots || beauty
art || architecture
wedding || event